How late this is. *sigh* But yeah, I went to Australia this summer. Everyone was sooo jealous xd My sister plays volleyball and is the sports person of the family. I would never do sports and if I try, I fail. I'm really sports illiterate. sweatdrop

So, my sister was invited and I had a lot of fun. (Why exactly am I posting this here? neutral ) I might actually go with my sister again to Italy, but People to People is going to Japan this summer and I don't really understand how the program works but I have to choose either Japan or Italy.

The main reason I want to go to Italy is because my whole family will be going and I'm really terrible at taking care of things on my own. (So... what's the point of posting this? No one's going to read it.) But Japan... I've wanted to go there since I was nine and I found out that my social studies teacher has the same birthday as me (June 10) and wants to go to Japan too. Funny, isn't it.

Yeah, so, we went to see the Sydney Opera House and the great barrier reef or whatever. My sister and I tried to go snorkeling but it was F*CKING SALTY. I mean, I know it was the ocean, but still. It was pretty fun though. The water was marvelous and on our way there like, half the boat was throwing up. I was sitting next to this one Asian lady and she just started vomiting. Well, she had a bag, but then my sister was all like, "Do you wanna move?"

Um... so, yeah. This was pretty pointless. Wee, pointless things are so fun, aren't they? Oh, if anyone really does end up reading through this whole thing, where do you think I should go next summer, Italy or Japan? It's really up to me, but I'd still like suggestions. If you get this far, thanks for reading my rant! 4laugh