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Oh what to say...
Captains Log, (i always wanted to say that)

Its been a while...quite frankly i'm writing this as i think of and not really editing it any any way. What you read is what you get, and in this case i don't even know what i'm getting. When i'm in one of my writing moods i usually write for a while, weather you care or not i really dont know whats going on now.

Senior year in High school, i've kicked the other drummers a**, made a pretty good name for myself, got a 4.0 average and manged to get a $7,000 dollar scholarship that i miraculously got. Really i know know how i pull this crap out of my a** but i do.

To the future,
If i'm still here 10 years from now write me back, what have you accomplished where have you gone. If i'm still here 10 years from now its probably not going to be that interesting >-> which is why i'm hoping i'm really not here.

Eh i wrote myself, i wonder if ill think im insane 10 years from now >-> who knows.