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your soul
The angels cry-
I hear them sigh...
as i softly weep
I can't deny
I often die
every time i sleep
I hope..
I pray
that eternity will keep
love is locked
deep inside
my soul thats not mine to keep.

The stars they shine-
in night thats mine
I open my eyes
no sleep...
I can't deny
I often cry
everytime you speak
I hope..
I pray
that day could stay
somewhere both we could share
And in the night
We often speak
of love thats always there

The sun may blind
but I still see
your eyes behind the glare
you hold my hand
I feel your stare even when
you arent there.

So come to me
were we could be
in places we both share
a memory
our destiny...
I hope..
I pray..
could still be there.