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Eves jearnal of wonderfulness! random crap that i love!^_^

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This is another beginning to another story of mine. Again, i ask that whomever reads this, please comment. I would love everyone's opinion of my stories. :3

The courtyard was lively, and full of people. separate groups, scattered about the brick yard spoke quietly amongst themselves as they waited for the Lord of the people to join them. Mareike and Yori walked in, they were sisters, born in middle-class. Mareike stood tall, her hair, that flowed silkily to her waist was auburn. and her eyes were strikingly green. Her sister was just as beautiful, her hair darker and her eyes hazel. As they walked through, Yori noticed the many stares toward herself and her sister. It had been three years since they had left to the mountains to train, to become wolf-warriors like the people in the courtyard. and While they were gone, they became young ladies, their bodies maturing. Mareike had grown quite well. As the sisters neared their friends, the noise of chatter died down as the announcement was sounded. Two loud taps were followed by the introduction of the ruling emperor. “His highness, Enyo Timon and his sister, princess Amaya Timon.” The Emperor, Enyo was gorgeous, his hair was blond, and his eyes golden as well. He was tall with broad shoulders, his sister, Amaya was equal in beauty, her hair silver and her face similar to Enyo’s. Her eyes were mysteriously purple, a gene that was rare in the Timon family. only every sixth generation inherited them, and it was always the women. As the emperor walked through the crowd, greeting his guests, his eyes scanned the many bodies. He was very bored with this routine, he would rather be running through the woods, feeling the wind on his fur and the soft ground beneath his paws. His attention was caught by the startling green eyes of mareike. He wanted to get closer, and noticed she was the only other who seemed just as bored and uninterested in this feast as well. He walked towards her, his eyes locked on his target. Suddenly Mareike’s eyes flitted up, boring into him, he felt cold, as if her stare was piercing his very being. She then turned and walked away, her eyes uninterested in him. This surprised him, he was so used to being adored by all the women that he had already expected it from all who saw him. The girl who stood next to the green eyed beauty noticed him and gasped, her face reddening. “Oh! Your highness. how are you feeling today?” She asked shyly. “Who is she?” He asked, his eyes on the back of the Mareike. “O-oh…she is my sister, Mareike. We are of the Amynta family.” Enyo’s eyes broke off of Mareike’s back and to Yori’s. “Amynta? So you are to be my guardians?” Yori shook her head. “W-well my sister refused. so my brother and I must take the job. Combined we are of equal skill to my sister. Her name is Mareike for a reason.” She nervously chuckled. Enyo nodded. “Thank you…?” “O-oh! I’m terribly sorry, your lordship! Where are my manners? My name is Yori.” Enyo nodded to her. “Thank you Yori.” He then walked after Mareike, his eyes searching for her once more.

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-GDD- Admiral Awesome
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comment Commented on: Sat Apr 07, 2012 @ 12:54am
very interesting read, I can see a lot would be happening in a story such as this. I'm sure it would be much more than a romance. It's definitely something I would read more of if I could ^^

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