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He looked into my eyes from across the room-
and I couldnt say it back.
though my heart was pounding it belonged to another..
yet.. the feelings I once remmembered were strong.
The feelings they were timid.
The feelings they were scared..
He wasnt really there at all.
It was a memory remmembered.
A memory he and I both shared
A memory that would never be forgotten-
yet tried hard not to remmember.
I once wished upon the stars that he would return to me-
and a mouthful of him all would be healed..
all the pain and tribulation forgotten..
I looked back at him and wondered in frustration
can you make it better..
can you make the bleeding stop inside me..
before i fill up and start bleeding out?
The screaming is intense-
do i stay or do i go

The whispering so soft i cant hear myself say no.
the silence becomes deafening... and i try so hard to hold myself together
I don't know if I can...
Spreading my wings I look into the stars and start to fly away..