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Fly away with the whirlwind~!
I am by no means a materialistic fellow, but because some of the things I own I am quite proud to have, I decided to list some of my little IRL treasures and a bit about them.

Pokemon stuff:

Piplup plush: I got this as a college graduation gift. It was won as a carnival prize, and although its not made of great materials, it was one of the very few things I got for graduation. It's special to me!

Zubat plush: I got this from my younger brother as a hand-me-up. One of the fangs are missing, but I still love it! It was one of the original 4 KFC plushes.

(x2) Dratini plush: Like Zubat, these were originally from KFC, and I use to have one of my own when I was little, but lost it. I got one from an IRL friend, and I got one from ToushinYusuke in a care package. I can tell them apart too!

Poliwhirl plush:
I saved this from a college sale at St. Olaf. Once a year, or so, the college has a giant junk sale of crap left in dorms and such. This tiny plush was on sale for 50 cents, and I snagged him.

Squirtle plush: It was a hand-me-down from a friend at my Friday DnD group. He's also a key chain!

Chansey top: Something that once came from a cereal box, it was a gift that came from Empy, because she knows I love Pokemon!

Bulbasaur rolling toy: You pull it back and it zips around. Not sure its origins, but it was a gift from Empy.

Snorlax figure: Another hand-me-down gift from my DnD friend.

Mew Tin Pokeball: Another hand-me-down gift from my DnD friend. It opens up and you can hide stuff in it, and its also a key chain!

Piplup Card Displayer:
I got this from a Burger King Kid's Meal.

Pikachu Card Displayer: I found this in a clothing store... it was quite interesting because the store was having a celebration, and so there was cake and punch for people there. I showed one of the employees that I found it, and they suggested I keep it. I gladly adopted it.

Japanese Pokemon Finder Book: This was bought cheap at a garage sale. Its a children's art book where you find certain pokemon in the pages. For me, it's my future coffee table books... or at least ONE of them.

Magnezone key chain / Pokeball: You know those collectables that are a pokeball with a mini figure in it? That's what this is. I found it on clearance at Target for a dollar! I am still extremely happy with the purchase.

Plastic Pokeballs: I have two low-quality pokeballs from Empy, but despite the quality, I still like them! They are nice and big and make great props and the quality is laughable.

(x2) Pokemon Pikachu: I got my first one from a long term friend, and I still play with it. When I got my second, even if I didn't keep both activated, I still loved having two. The second is also a gift from my DnD friend!

Pokemon Channel: This is a Game Cube game, and it was a gift from Waffles. It may be just for kids, but I still like playing it.

Dark Blue Pokemon T-shirt: This was a gift from Drunk Link, or whatever weird name he's going by now. I was being depressing about my Christmas, and he gave me an old pokemon shirt of his. I wear it all the time. It originally had a hole in the sleeve, but one of my friends sewed it up for me.

Light Blue Pokemon T-shirt: This one is a bit 'too big' for me, but I still like it lots! It was originally a Christmas gift I am still not suppose to have. Long story, but I got it now, and that's what matters.

Pokemon Cards: I got this from my pseudo brother. It came in a yellow pokemon card binder too! He was looking for someone to give them too, and although I never played the game, I offered them a home. Just the idea of keeping them made me happy. Maybe someday I can learn to play it?

Yu Yu Hakusho stuff:

Yusuke plush: I bought this at the first con I sold at. I think it was kinda expensive, but for some reason I really wanted to have it.

Rubber Yusuke key chain: A friend left this when they moved. I was told I could take anything I wanted from what they left behind. I took this guy.

Jin Phone Charm: I bought a complete daishopon charm set of YYH, and this one I kept for myself. All the others were given away, or will be later.

Special Yusuke Phone Chain: This is different than the Jin, he's got a bigger head, and really... I'd never put it on a phone because I don't want to damage it. A friend bought it at a convention, and I paid them for it.

Yusuke Doujinshi: Came from a booth at the State Fair. Was a gift, I keep it in a sleeve. Its all in Japanese, and the only Doujinshi I own.

YYH Cards: I don't own many, but I did snag some from that incident where a friend moved out.

Jin YYH Card: This one gets its own section because it was sent as a special gift to me from Kara Madora. For a long time it carried my Arby's coupons in its card protector, but I don't have Arby's coupons to guard anymore!

Yu Yu Hakusho Dark Tournament: The PS2 game. I was generously assisted in purchasing this game, and its one of my prized possessions. It was bought used, but its nonetheless important to me.

4 Manga Novels: I own 3 different YYH books, all gifts from real life friends. They are very sentimental to me.

Little Big Head Figure:
Got a Jin figurine for my birthday.

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