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If you read this. yeah you wont so.. screw it.
Hello everyone,
it seems that my existance is deemed as dead considering the past occurence of events. my parents are forgetting my birthday, my past friends from my old school have officially left me for dead, my ex is being a whore, everyone is doing well but me, which just blows. this week has been shitty and i have no intentions to make it anybetter this weekend, considering that ugh.. i have just given up, theres no point in me being alive accept for the fact that few people like my advice, which i deem as less important than passing highschool. ******** blows..
i might as well not even be alive considering the situation im in.. just this sucks. im surriounded by addicts and sluts. i doubt that anyone on here will read this considering that almost everyone thinks that im a pretty well rounded person with the minor setbacks of anger and or light sadness. ugh i hate days like this. if you read this.. comment or something. because i doubt anyone reads this...
well yeah..