Mark k thx
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Tennis blog #2.
Hm. What a tough night!

My dad and I really pushed the limit today, and only 1 set!
I lead 4-1, even had a break point in that game, but just couldn't convert. (boo me!)

He caught up all the way to 5-4, but managed to break back to 5-all.
I had an easy hold for 6-5, and had a chance to break bringing him to deuce. Though once again, I couldn't make a set point.

Time for tiebreak. It was on serve until I got the mini break for 6-4. I couldn't convert any of the 2 set points and went to 6-all. At my serve, I double-faulted... YUCK!

Now it was HIS set point. I hit a good crosscourt FH to break. He had 2 more set points at 8-7, and 9-8, but I pulled through and got to 9-all.

I ACED my dad to get my set point. On his serve, I volleyed for the win. =D

End score: 7-6(9)

I'm still victorious!