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You know, it must suck being you right. I mean, everyone you begin to loves turns their back on you. (Well as far as you can see) Your mom has used you j=for so long and even then she puts you at the bottom of her list in terms of siblings and all that other stuff. All your brothers are just pathetic, your father left you and your dad tryed to touch you. The cherry on top is when you find a "guy" then you end up getting betrayed by him. And the pathetic thing is that at the end of it all you end up losing Me and Sam. Then when you had your chance to get me back, you lost it. All I wanted was to see that you could try, and you couldn't even do that. you 'wanted' to try, but that wasn't until down the road. At this point, I've got nothing nice I can say to you so I think you'd agree that talking to me from this point on would be pointless. People always say "If you've got nothing nice to say, don't say it." Well, thats true then. I'm not the 'sit around and wait for time to pass for things to get better' person. I'm the 'you ******** up and I want to see your effort in trying to at least keep up a conversation' person. If you try to start talking to me about something doesn't mean I'll just ignore it, it just means you probably wont like what you hear coming from my mouth. As far as your and Sam's relationship goes, do what you want.

I told you that there was still a chance, regardless of all the things you did, it would just be very hard to make things different. In my eye's, you took too long. I guess destiny was telling you that you HAD to get everything done maybe because we weren't supposed to be friends, I don't know.

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    well, I stated in my journal, that if she wants to continue being my friend, she's going to have to make it up to you too, its not just about me in this. You were hurt too, and apperently she's got time for everybody else in this world but us. Even people we hate, she'll talk to. I dont know why. Even people she hates she'll talk to more than us. Its so weird.

    So maybe I don'y want this friendship back. I mean, I'll still talk to her, but nothing willl remain the same. Nothing will change with her, absolutly nothing. people like her can't change, its been proven more that twice now. I mean, she can talk about how she can change, it doesn't mean she will.

    Oh well, I've still got scar tissue from the mistakes I made before in trusting her. My flesh is still a brighter pink than normal. I'm sure your scars are even more deep than mine nicky. I know you tried your hardest to her, and she spit all over you like the dirty on her shoes. Actually, I think her dirty shoes are worth more than our entire friendship to her. You know why? She takes care of her shoes so they dont fall apart on her.

    she can take care of her shoes better than our friendship. So I guess her wellbeing is at stake here, and she doesn't want to talk to you for that 'reason'. (more like a pile of excuses and more lies.)

    I guess after october, if nothing changes between the three of us, i won't really be talking to her anymore, and she'll be labled another backstabber in my life. No different than any other female I encountered. She'll be everything she claims she hates in a woman.

    comment Submissive Virgin · Community Member · Mon Oct 18, 2010 @ 09:40pm
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