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Musings of a Christian Mystic in training
Like the titles says, opinions and speculations is Christian and Gnostic Christian mysticism
My lack of showing in M&R, or why I'm a sissy
I remember about 2 years ago I started hanging out in M&R. I actually learned a lot about my religion, along with other religious views, and made some pretty cool friends. Lately though M&R has kinda been sad. It's not fun, it's not informative, it's a nasty pissing contest about who's the smartest, or why someone is intellectually inferior for accepting a particular world view. There's no debate or discussion, just a nasty slinging of emotionally charged rhetoric posed and touted as "Logical".

It seems that some of these people have a bad case of White Man's Burden, maybe there's a better term for this. I don't need your assistance in "correcting my inferior and delusional" world view. I don't need your philosophy/world view you pose as science and education. I function in my society and culture quite nicely thank you very much.

I don't wish to go to a place where I'm assumed to be intellectually inferior or delusional just because I accept a world view that makes sense to me. Call me a sissy if you want but I can't deal with the crap in M&R.

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commentCommented on: Wed Nov 10, 2010 @ 10:14am
I totally know how you feel. I guess I was very guilty of stubbornness myself, but it kinda came from people who knew more than me yelling at me for being wrong. I started thinking the only way to make sense in m&r was to speaking adamantly and intently smilies/icon_razz.gif. I think most of M&R is kind of like you said, a pissing contest, so I try not to post there too much, but sometimes I find little things in there I didn't know anymore, or insight I didn't have before into my own religion or even that of others. I don't think it's sissy not to post at all<3

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