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Epic Magikarp's Fishing Journal
This shall cover everything from different OCs to random posts to fill in the blank letters.
Pokemon roleplay idea
The little Region of Aushi is a bit distance from all the others. Well, not that distant; it's lays some where between Hoenn and the Sevii Islands. The population of pokemon on the island is very diverse, for there are pokemon of nearly all the regions on it.
Just like all the other regions the people here are given pokemon when they reach a certain age. However, in Aushi that age is a bit harder to know of. See, here one must go to a school before leaving on a journey with their pokemon. Once they pass a set number of class they get a license to own and train pokemon. After that a person needs to have taken and passed even more classes before getting an other license which allows them to travel with there pokemon.
Other regions at times look down at Aushi because of how needlessly complicated this process is. Aushi is smaller then some of the other regions, and has much fewer people. Small towns have only about ten people, while their large cities never more the forty. After knowing that, people realize how much Aushi needs the youth to survive rather then be killed in the wild.
This story starts on the day of the latest class graduating with some of there pokemon. Tomorrow there will be a celebration for the next batch for breeders, coordinators, travelers, future gym leaders, and the likes. Like all stories, this one will have it's own evil doers, planning something nasty for the happiness of the next day while every one stays in the dark.

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Epic Ditto
Community Member
commentCommented on: Mon Oct 11, 2010 @ 02:41am

                                                      I - Obey the rules (Duh!)
                                                      II - Gaia\'s Rules/ToS
                                                      III - No God modding, power playing, or anything of the sort. I have a two strike policy on this, meaning I will warn you only once.
                                                      IV - Romance and Violence is encouraged, but think about how far you can go before breaking rule II
                                                      V - Be semi-lit or more. One, maybe even two, liners are unacceptable even for writes block.
                                                      VI - I will only accept a set amount of characters; don't join as to many or ask to join when we are full. However, you CAN have more then one character.
                                                      VII - PM profiles to Epin Magikarp. Name is *uses splash*
                                                      VIII - If you will be gone for a while for what ever reason please put you OC(s) out of the way so we may continue(maybe say they went to sleep?)
                                                      IX - When you come back check the 'Review' post to see what you missed instead of asking. if you still have questions you can still ask.
                                                      X - Think before your pokemon evolve. A hatchling will not evolve right away, and if I notice your pokemon evolving to soon you will be kicked out.
                                                      XI - Going a week with out posting will get you kicked out(unless you have an explanation)
                                                      XII - This is long term, so don't join and leave or chose a character you'll get bored with after a month.
                                                      XIII - The word of any one on the white list is law.
                                                      XIV - Depending on what pokemon I will only accept a certain amount.
                                                      XV - Rules are subject to change if needed.
                                                      XVI - I hate super bright font colors, so don't use them
                                                      XVII - If you are unsure of anything please PM me; I can't use bite attack.
                                                      XVIII - Don't page stretch with lost of white space in your posts or to big of a picture or what ever.
                                                      XIX - No shineys (they needlessly complicate everything)
                                                      XX - No gen V pokemon.

Taken pokemon!
I will edit in what pokemon have already been taken to the maximum amount here.

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