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Smapy's Odds and Ends Journal
This is a place where I post random Fanfictions and anything else I feel like putting in it...
My Online Comic...
Okay... this is a wee bit overdue. For a while I had my fanfiction account as my website link, but now I really do have my own website. Isn't that neat? Anyway, if any of you have gone through my journal (which I don't see why you would, unless you were one of my real life friends who don't have anything better to do or you wanted to see the random fanficcys I do) you might have seen an entry that had me talking a lot about a comic I do, or two comics really but the second one is unimportant. Huh, I'm rambling a little bit... let's just get to the point:

My comic Ra's Tear is now online!

And is a total of three pages, but I'm new so meh. Anyways... I just felt since it has been a few months since it went up I should probably advertise a little bit. Yeah, sure, this isn't really advertising since it's in my journal, but I'm too much of a wimp to go to a forum and announce it to my friends and random people. Hell, I haven't even told anyone in real life about it other than my four closest friends... whatever. I hate being shy sometimes...

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