"Father why must I wear this noose around my neck." a small child asks.

"Because we must honor the corpse of the Hanged Man," the Father replied.

"Why do we honor the corpse of the Hanged Man?"

"Because his death appeased the World so it would remained enslaved to laws of the vassals. The Laws of the Vassals are tied to us by his noose."

"Why did the World wish to be enslaved?"

"Because his father, the Emperor wanted to set it free. It was through his sacrifice that the World remained enslaved to the laws of the Emperor's vassals."

"Why do we follow the laws of the vassals?"

"Because the Emperor sent them to give out his laws. Sure the vassals added laws but with more laws its easier for the vassals to look over us and keeps us from potentially enraging the Emperors."

"Father, this noose is tight around my neck. Why is that?"

"That is the Wheel of Fortune moving through you. It randomly decides if you will live or you will die."

"Father I'm scared. The vassals wish to rape me."

"There is nothing to fear my child. That is the vassals showing the Emperor's love to all his subjects. You must continue to worship the Hanged Man's corpse as the vassals decreed so they will select you to be their concubine when you come of age. If you are not selected as a concubine we do not know what will happen but the Vassals say it is worse than death."

"Yes Father," the young child sobbed, "I will continue to give my praise to the Hanged Man so that the World may become the Vassals' concubines and not suffer a fate worse than death. I will sell my body, sell my mind, and sell my soul to serve the Vassals and honor the World's murder of the Hanged Man."

"That's my child," he said with a smile. "Very soon the Vassals will be coming to see if I am fit to be a concubine myself so when you have children you must promise to raise as good concubines too and to always wear the noose to remember the gift of the Hanged Man's murder."

"I will blot out the Sun, Moon, and Stars. I will let the Tower rule me. Death to the Empress, High Priestess, and the Mage. may the Fool never start his journey."

Praise be to the World.