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Separated Love
It was a cold wintery day, the exact spot we had met, the place for our love. I was standing there in the rain waiting for you. Those memories, those times it always comes back, I can never forget what happened to you; yet alone I never knew what happened to you. We were meant to go on our first date under the carnival night rides. The happiness, the laughter, all those couples. I just can't stand it anymore.

Please come back my heart belongs to you. No one else can hold me besides you... That day my heart was broken forever because you didn't come, and I never knew where you went. Each day I go to the exact spot looking for you, searching for you. Maybe you have gone or disappeared, but if I wait some day you will come back searching for me, just like I have been searching for you. I will never forget you. Please come back...

This is our separated love.