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Do not open.. or will you..?
Do not open.. or will you..?


What would you do if a strange invitation came to you? If it read "do not open" would you open it? Some might. Some might not. The one's who don't are the wise one's. One day a strange invitations were sent to many different people. No one knew where they came from or why they how they got there but they were there's. One can not say what is in the invitation only because people seem to vanish after opening one. Some may be frightened but others see adventure. For they are transported to a fairy tale land. A land where princess, witches and fairies all exist. Of course you can't come into a world without being part of it. You become a character in a large story. It does you no good to try to get home. For there is no way back. That has been discovered anyway. Maybe you'll meet some new people. Enemies. Friends. Maybe a mixture of both. Invitaitions have been handed out to random high shcool students almost everywhere in the state. Now is the test to see who listens. Will you open the evelope? Or keep it closed.