Explosive Cherry
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I'm Baaaaacck ;3
Hellloooo, my beloved Journal. 8D
Oh, how I've missed Gaia.
v.v I quit for a while. It got boring.
* is ashamed of herself for saying that Dx *
Anyway, so, I'd like to make a shoutout to all my new friends at Audition. >.>
Epic game, btw.
Play it.
As of right now, school will be HELL.
Oh, and, I'm trying to get into this really famous art school. :<
The "audition" ((heh, audition)) is in January of next year/this December.
I had to draw my hand holding something, aa room/part of a room in my house, and a shoe ((not an athletic shoe. which made me mad. I wanted to draw converse. D:<)).
Appearently, it's really hard to get into. I'll tell you if I do. ;D
Umm, what else?
OH YEAH... 8th month this month. .___." thats a long time.