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Nautical Graduates?
If you can't guess, I'm going to be traveling for a while. I'm going to see my bestfriend's graduation from naval basic training. She also has a break between this and A-training. I'm kinda worried because she's assured me she's quite a bit more buff. I'm still almost a head taller, and quite a bit heavier, but she just may be able to take me now. I guess I'll know soon enough. Really, I should be either packing or asleep, but I'm just a procrastinator at heart. I guess I really should, so I'm going to get off and do it. Bonsoir/Bonjour, at least for now.

Creating a universe is easy. Just sit back, let your mind wander. You may fall asleep, this is okay. Once you find yourself in a happy state of mind, looking at the world a lot differently than you were, you're done. It's that simple.