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Best offers ever
Most of you probably know about my 1K letter shop. I've been selling letters/donation items for 1k each for those who cant get a letter due to high prices. Sadly some people dont get the point why I'm doing this or probably just thinking I'm dumb to believe that my letters are really 1k each XD. But anyway I find that absolutely entertaining -- especially with all the tempting offers I get via PM.

name here Wrote:
can i get 1 of each donation letter ur selling for 1 feb 06 letter?

Oh and dont forget the demanding ones too ^^

name here Wrote:
I Buy one october 05 and one Feb 06! Hurry up and reply! i sent this to ya already!

Well this one - I guess he thinks I owe him much - that my thread will die without him - again I dont need your post if you expect something in return and demand it smilies/icon_rolleyes.gif

name here Wrote:
i have added stuff and talked and kept your thred going for 5-7 days and i haven't been offered an item.

This one knows how to send trade but doesnt know how to cancel - so he threatens me ^_^

name here Wrote:
can i plz have the money back or ill report you!!! or give me the sword of agus

Others -- well I have no idea what they are saying...

name here Wrote:
y cant u help me out y i got 1 k no u y r u like that Y! all i want is the sword

Some even have their own definition of begging

name here Wrote:
Hello, do you mind giving out donations/junk? I am not begging by the way...