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Words of Grace
Thoughts, quotes, or work I edit overtime.
The the once lively and large city was now a desolate wasteland where little life could survive for long. The laughter of children, the sound of cars, the bird chirping was replaced by the haunting sound of hunshots.. No matter where you were no matter the time of day, if you listened hard enough you could always hear gunshots in the distance.. Sometimes there was a cry, a shout, or even the occasional sound of metal against metal as angels and demons fought. Peace was a word that had no meaning in this world. It was a word used only by fools, those who didn't understand the cost of it. Somehow the angels brought some of the humans peace. Maybe it was good that they didn't know the twisted stories behind some of them, their dark pasts or their secrets.

One of those very angels walked silently on what was once a sidewalk near a skyscraper that had collapsed months ago. Everything about her belonged in a different world.. There wasn't a bit of dirt on her light attire and her blonde hair fell in perfect waves down her back. Somehow she moved over the destroyed concrete, her feet not making a sound no matter where she stepped. The sound of fighting from above reached her ears adn her bright blue eyes flickered above her to gaze at the scene. A small smirk made it's way to her face as she unfolded her wings. They stretched away from her back, each one up to seven feet in length. She stood in this impressive form for just a moment before shooting into the air.

As she saw the shadows chasing after the small angel, her grin widened and she began to fly faster towards the group. Before she even reached them, one of the sahdows simply.. vanished. No matter. She angled one wing to the side slightly, timing her attack perfectly as the two spiraled towards the ground. She slammed into the second demon, prying his hands off of the angel. There was a small blurr of black, white and blue as the shadow was pushed in another direction, trying to pry a weapon from his shoulder while also trying to fend off the woman attacking him. The angel had just a moment to admire the weapon before the demon closed one hand around her arm and another around her neck. A smirk crossed his face before his eyes suddenly widened. The angel paused a moment, taking in the moment before slowly pulling her sword out of his stomach where it had gone through and was now jutting through his back. Another smirk crossed her face as she heard a few choked gasps before she freed her blade and slowly pried his hands off of her arm, letting the body fall.. She floated in the air, a bloodied blade shimmering beside her as she watched the demon fade into shadows before it had even hit the ground...

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