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Summer Breaaaaak
Waah summer break has been boring. O-chem tutoring. Physics tutoring. Hospital ER volunteering. But the girl that volunteers with me is pretty nice.. I really feel sorry for her. She makes me feel very very spoiled.
She said she has to pay for college herself, as well as for her car, gas, cellphone, etc etc. Her mom is disabled. And she only has 6 hrs a week job in Abercrombie.. smilies/icon_cry.gif Although Cal States don't cost all that much, I don't know what I would do If i were in her situation.. My mother's helping me through college, and I got a job too. Early Warning Peer Advisor smilies/icon_pirate.gif We save lives.

lol nah, we help people who fail midterms >.> I originally applied for chem tutor and I got an interview literally within two hours of turning in my app, but I BLEW THE INTERVIEW. X__X I am too awkward. But for the peer advisor interview, the guy interviewing me was just as awkward as I was, personality wise XD He only asked me questions like "do you have any past experience" and the classic "why do you want this position." He dismissed me after 10 minutes. I hate getting asked questions like "You see your coworker doing something against the rules, what do you do?" and "What would you do if a student asked you out on a date?" It's like, wtf how does this relate to tutoring people in chemistry? I got the grades! I got the perfect SAT subject test score! What more could you want? smilies/icon_gonk.gif

but yeah. Both jobs have the same pay: $12.18 an hour. And Peer Advisor I hear is a lot more chill XD which I will need, since I'm taking 19 units, and I'm thinking of applying for lab research..

FALL '10! Bio, O-chem, physics, stats! And all four have 3-4 hour lab! BRING IT ON