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oh. ehm. jee.
I'm on gaia again for the first time in AGES. why? because it's SUMMER! Summer is awesome.

Even though here in Iowa: when summer rolls around, the weather gets so hot and sticky that I don't want to do anything besides sit around, watch movies, eat toast, and sleep.

Next week I get to go to California! Yaay! Sun and palm trees and such.
Can you believe that I have never seen a real live palm tree that wasn't inside?
Yeah, I can't either. But that will be fixed.
I got a new suitcase. It's pretty.
I'd show you a picture, but I left my camera at my friend's house. :C
I haven't even started packing, lol. And I'm leaving in two days.

I don't feel like typing anything else. I think I'll go make some toast.