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Lisa's Journal ★
OCs: Akio & Emi

昭夫, 昭雄
Japanese meaning 昭 (aki) "bright" combined with 夫 (o) "husband, man" or 雄 (o) "hero, manly".
18 years old
Eye Color:
Akio is a bandit that lives on his own. He never relies on others ever since his parents abandoned him when he was 7 so, he survived on his own. Trusting people isn't his thing, he thinks they all want something and that they do nothing but hurt others. Due to this he never smiles, he always looks serious. Until one day he runs into a runaway princess named Emi. After a while of having her follow him around he finally got annoyed of it and let her tag along with him. Little by little he begins to fall in love with her, but does everything he can to hide it because he knows they can't be together since they are from two completely different worlds. There are times when he leans in to kiss Emi, but ends up stopping and just smacks his forehead gently to hers and calls her an idiot, then walks off.
* Emi---* Sugar Canes---* His pet bird Miron---
* Traveling---* Fighting---* Stealing (Since he's a bandit)

Full Body Reference

Japanese meaning 恵 (e) "blessing" combined with 美 (mi) "beautiful".
17 years old
Eye Color:
Light Blue
A typical spunky/outgoing princess that's sick of having to obey everything she's told at her kingdom. Emi lives to be adventurous, but is always kept inside for safety. One day she sneaks out after dark and keeps on running till the kingdom is out of sight. Then came the day she bumped into Akio, she didn't know where else to go so she keeps on following him. Emi was so happy when Akio finally took her in and let her travel with him. She sometimes get mad at him because he never smiles or shows any kind of emotion so she constantly lectures him and smacks him on the arm even though it doesn't do anything. She does realize though when she begins to fall for him and she doesn't know how to show it so she sometimes just turns red and he's confused when he sees that because he has no idea about how she feels.
* Akio---* People---* Animals---
* Traveling---* Getting piggyback rides from Akio---* Cute things

By: Kawaii Natsu

By: LividPeas


By: evelin7


By: Katerinu-chan

By: Naomai

By: tae m a i

By: tofuproductionz

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By: KazumiHIME

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By: Lu Xuan

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By: melibunny

By: Sugar Mimika

( This one is drawn by Sugar Mimika, but I fixed up some lines and colored it in, with her permission of course. ^_^ )

By: . Kiru Kano

By: Ashley_the_Hedgehog01

By: sluggishdork

~~I edited the bottom one to get the top one without Judas in it, but I put her name on it so no one better take her work~~

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