If I ruled the world...
-There would be two lines at Proctor for dinner at 6pm always.
-Short and medium height people wouldn't be stuck in between two really tall people in lines unless they wanted to, and vice versa.
-There would be clothing lines for every single body-type without huge alterations needed after buying.
-Everyone would get an equal education as long as they wanted it.
-Same goes for health care.
-Countries would not fight just to see who has more balls. The fact that you feel the need to do that shows you have self-esteem issues or that you have narcissistic pd and need to be shut down anyway. (Hmmm, countries having self-esteem issues or a personality disorder... That's a weird thought.)
-People wouldn't fight for the sake of religion either. They would simply let people believe in and live according to whatever spiritual figure they wanted, as long as it doesn't bring harm to others.
-People wouldn't have 18 TVs while whole families starve.
-Animals wouldn't be ruthlessly beaten because there were a lot of them and humans didn't wanted to "clean the streets"
-For that matter, there wouldn't be such a thing as eugenics because that's a stupid idea to.
-Heads of countries wouldn't go on power trips and kill their own citizens. Once again that just shows they have self-esteem issues.

Ok. I should stop. I'm depressing myself.