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First Attempt
Okay... I wonder if I can keep an updated journal?
... Probably not.

It'll probably just end up being me writing quick little drabbles about nothing that goes on from day to day. But before we get on to the days of writing boring things like that, lets put up a couple facts on likes and dislikes for now.

I absolutely hate:
Justin Bieber ~Do not mention him. I will bite your head off. Or rage. Or both.
Camp Rock ~Yay. High School Musical: summer camp style. No thank you.
Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus ~I had to face this day after day, hear it for hours at a time while my siblings went through an obsession phase. Needless to say, I hate her and her show/music.
Jonas Brothers ~Why did they ever get popular? Why?
Naked Brothers Band ~The hell was that all about anyway? That fad disappeared faster than anything I've known before.
Most 'current' type music ~Rap, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, etc. I don't like it. Though sometimes stuff will be too catchy or played too often for me to resist. Guh. Curse you media. Curse. You.

I loooove~:
Yaoi ~/cough... I'mnotapervert. D:
J/K-Pop ~Got into both of these way back due to BoA's music.
J/K-Rock ~I forgot what started this.
Anime/manga ~A bit obvious, wouldn't you agree?..
Stories ~Writing them, hearing them, just daydreaming them. Stories are my absolute favourite.
Moe/loli characters ~They're cute. I just can't help it.

And-- uh... a whole bunch of other things for both categories. 1 a.m. happens to scramble your brain. So, I'll be stopping there!