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Anime Prom
So I've been to two anime proms since this month started, one last week on Saturday and one yesterday, another Saturday. So anyways the anime prom I went to yesterday was a bore in the first half but it got pretty fun during the middle almost to the end, the only thing that ruined was the prize giving at the end. My group and I won first place for Skits but we couldn't get a wall scroll because then we would have to have shared it so we each got something else, I choose a manga buuutttt, it was number one of four. [They had One through Four of it.] It's called We Were There.
Anyywaysss, I was like "WTF?" I can't get all of it? If I get one who'd just want a random two, or three or even four if you don't have number one?!"
I was sooo tempted to just take all four. It pissed me off. So, I went back and took four since others already took two and three.