okay so last night April-30-2010 I drank a home made fruit smoothie and I watched a random episode of Jimmy Neutron.
This is the perfect storm apparently when it comes to messed up dreams.

Okay so the first thing I remember is that every living thing in the world is looking for these balls, like the size of a tomato and they are rubber but not the traditional rubber and they aren't hallowed out. There is a specific group of things looking for the balls and they are these mutant horses. The thing with the horses is that, they can speak english and have insanely-colored coats. The green clan has these bone-like protruding things coming out of their shoulders. They also stink. The silver ones are unicorns. The pink ones are all really mean and their manes are incredibly long.

User Image Alison was normally a quiet girl and loved to sit in her room, do her homework, chew gum, and listen to her version of good music; a personal selection of rap mixed with screamo. She called it "Screamix". But once Alison Snypes got into the ninth grade, she, for the first time, felt like she deserved to stay in her room all isolated and to herself. But then, a certain boy in her math class made first contact onto otherwise untouched territory. It was a simple hello and how are you that began their deep bond in friendship.

Over the course of the school year, the two became nothing but first. He was the only one, besides her family of course, who knew her birthday, her favorite color and even her dream occupation; a painter. Then when summer came along, Alison and him grew ever more close. They lived within walking distance and spent a lot of free time just goofing off and being teenagers. After tenth grade started, Alison's rather saddened personality lifted to unveil the more happy and rather confident side of Alison that dissolved away during childhood.

Near the end of eleventh grade, she thought that maybe there would be some more-than-friendly feelings between them. But as soon as Alison got enough courage to ask if her possible feelings would be returned, she realized that nothing good would come out of their relationship. So she kept her feelings to herself. A couple weeks before

it's just you and me. . . against the world
She couldn't take it anymore. She refused to stand her parent's heinous demands. She didn't love him. She didn't even know his name and in less than a month, she was going to marry him?! NO. Not this princess. There was obviously no way she could talk sweetly her way out of this painful predicament. There was only one logical way to get free from the place where there are even limits on the heart's desires; run away. Run far far away from everything and everyone. Was it too much to ask for her to find actual love and have a happy marriage and then have children but not out of duty, out of love. Her parents married for love but they were lucky enough to be the same age and be compatible. They have been together for twice her age, which was about to be 20. Was Felicia, Neko Princess of England, unworthy of love? She refused to think so.

In the dead of night, roughly around 1 AM, a cloaked Princess sneaked out of the castle while all of the internal guards were asleep and only a few remaining external guards walked around the front gate a d the roof top. Of course there were no street lights nor torches that would allow the guards to see her at this time of night.

Once she met the small amount of woods that stood all around the castle, Felicia ran as fast as she could, in no specific direction. Just forward. She must have ran for an hour straight. Her lungs were burning and her feet felt like they were bleeding but she was certain that

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          Panting slowing and heart rate resuming normal beat,