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P's Rantings
Peri's little corner to rant about anything Peri feels like ranting about!


The super awesome Hoji who's super awesome and all of you should envy said she'll play Luna and Maples with me. C: Which is AWESOME since I need someone to play with. XD but since my Luna characters aren't near the low-levels I can't use them to play with her! So I gotta make some new ones, and maybe we can pick a nice combination of classes! Especially since all of my characters are classes that fight alone. Because I'm an awesome, cool, lone-wolf who doesn't normally need someone's help, since I'm THAT cool. (That's Peri's way of saying that no one ever plays with them.) ._.

So I spent the last while thinking of good classes we can pick that go well with each other. Taking into account that she doesn't like mages, and would much rather poke things with pointy things I made a few ones, and because of my geekiness I will talk about them to all of you! C:

On Luna, I have a scout (who uses bows, has a lot of buffs) a thief (daggers) and an infantryman (maces) and since scouts and thieves use the same armors, I have more armors for them than for others. And since she's gonna make a chick, I gotta make a dude to use the date dungeon for massive EXP too.

I also have two permanent costumes, my Shinigami outfit which is the one I use most often. I combine it with a pumpkin mask for extra STR, and I also enchanted the sword/bow that you wear on your back, so it gives TONS more critical rate (about 85 critical rate, considering that 1,200 critical rate is needed to hit critical 100% of the time, that's quite a bit!) I also have the Royal Regel outfit, which increases defense and HP and stuff by a lot, so it's great for taking damage, but it's not for giving out damage unlike my Shinigami.

I was thinking she could make a thief (has to be human) and use all the daggers/armors I have on my characters. Especially since my Shinigami is intended to be used by Rogue characters (dagger and bow users) So she'd get the best out of my equipment! xD Plus, she might like thieves, they bleed targets, and turn invisible (which is fun for stalking) and they're good at stabbing ********. She can also go the straight path as a human, meaning Rogue -> Ruffian -> Thief -> Assassin or Treasure Hunter -> Blade Taker. Her evasion when fighting 1v1 will be so high that things will rarely hit her, and her critical rate will be so high that most hits will be a critical. Though, if she goes Elf, she won't be as strong, but will have buffs that will increase her evasion and critical rate way more than a human's.

Or she could make a fighter, using 2H weapons (swords, axes, or maces, she will probably use swords though) the critical of my outfit won't matter much though. It'll still be usable though, since it can increase her strength, HP, and all that jazz which she still needs, and she can still use my thief/scout armor. xD As a human, she can go the path of destruction! Meaning Fighter -> Warrior -> Mercenary -> Gladiator -> Destroyer. So her attacks will be kinda slow-ish, but she can kill everything in one hit! She will be an unstoppable force of awesome. But if she goes elf, she'll suck. >.>

Either way, I'd go with a pure-defensive class. >.>; Because of the Royal Regel outfit, and because those two paths are VERY SQUISHY. Seriously. They may hit hard/fast/a lot/one hit will make people s**t themselves to death, but you hit them once or twice and they're gone. The thief might survive a bit more since they can dodge, but if they don't dodge they're boned. xD If I go the pure defensive class, which is Guard -> Infantryman -> Phalanx -> Paladin, I'll be REALLY-REALLY weak when it comes to hitting things. But indestructible. Seriously, I'll be a literal brick shithouse, something could smack me all day and I wouldn't die. I'd have to be elf for the buff that increases my defense. (and they're really cute) This way I could use Attract Circle to keep all the aggro on me, while she kills everything safely. C: So I just take the hits for her.

Now for Maplestory. XD She still likes big swords and killing things all up-close, but she sucks at MMOs, so she should probably make a Cygnus Knights. They're easier, so we'll probably both use one for the easiness. (EASY LIKE MY EX, AIMIRIGHT GUYS?) XP

Now I'm thinking she should go Dawn Warrior; they use 2H swords and light and s**t. She will like using ******** swords on a tiny chibi character, and being able to shoot holy rays of holiness. If she does, I'll use a Nightwalker to back her up from far away with my awesome sexiness. I could also get haste all up in this ******** so she won't move so slow too. Plus Light + Dark = Hawt. Lets face it, that's a really hawt combination. A light warrior and a dark ninja? ********, that's a saucy fanfiction in the making. Remind me to check if there's a fanfiction about this already. If there isn't one there, I'll go write one, call it "Hawt Saucy Darkness"

If we choose not to go as Cygnus Knights but still want something like that, she could go Dragon Knight. They use spears, and drain their HP TONS when they attack. But they can attack so many things at once that it's worth having her HP drain so often. And so she doesn't end up killing herself with her own attacks I would make a Cleric, and get my healing all up in this b***h to keep her alive while she goes on a homicidal rage and kill cute things. Plus Knight + Healer = Hawt. I will also check to see if there's a fanfiction of this. If there isn't, I'll write one and call "Sexual Healing" or "I'll Mend your Wounds (With mah d**k)"

She could also go Thunderbreaker, which use FISTS and THUNDER to kick tooshies. They're easy versions of pirates. If she goes Thunderbreaker, I'll probably go with a Wind Archer, to be all backing up and shiz again while looking really sexy. And if we don't want to be Cygnus Knights again, but want something kinda like that, she could be a bandit, which use daggers and all sorts of neat ninja-esque bullshit. I could go with a Gunslinger, and use sexy guns of awesome sexiness to bring sexy back. Because both of them can hit really fast, and with her haste we could both move really fast, our damage per second will be great. And we all know that DPS = Hawt. After all; DPS is basically someone's e-p***s size in an online game. Whoever has the most DPS has the biggest e-p***s, and baby, my DPS is incredible. ;D

Damn, I expected the Maples one to be longer, and the Luna one to be shorter. Guess Luna wins when it comes to classes and s**t, but Maples has simplicity. D< Now for her to get online to rant all this to her.

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Community Member

Thu Apr 22, 2010 @ 07:45pm

On Luna, a fighter sounds fun ;o;...I wanna have an axe.. >0 They big axes right? :< and elfs always suck...but they always look really super cute ;~;...... D; GUESS I'LL GIVE UP BEING SUPER CUTE FOR BEING BEEFY GAWD.

>w>..and Dawn Warrior sounds super fun... >0 Big swords are the ******** best ever, like my duded dynasty warrior char has a GIANT sword of rape. And its awesome. D; Although the "I'll Mend your Wounds (With mah d**k)" fan fiction sounds much better than "Hawt Saucy Darkness".... D: Big choice there.

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