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Thoughts on being a Cleric in Fiesta Online
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I could get a party, but what's the fun in throwing flowers at my actors from the balcony 20 feet away from the stage to show my support? I feel like I'm missing the action. I see it, but I'm not directly part of it. Then again I chose to pick the role of adoring fan so why should I complain? Then again I can complain all I want even though it's pointless. I suppose I should be glad for having a special set of skills that define my role, but having no varieties offensive-wise just makes things less interesting and more of a bore-fest. Undoing what has been dealt is fun for the time being, but it can be boring. Of course, when I'm thinking about how much clerics are missing, I forget how important a cleric is and how they are needed the most despite their lack of attack skills.