Explosive Cherry
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Haha, stupid Emily, with her talk of killing baby piggies! D:
Did you know that when you become a vegetarian, it's just like saving 100 animals?
And Fast Food... common sense. Like, what I said about McD's?
Totally gross. NEVER AGAIN, my friends, never! D:<
Lol my mom was like, Hav, what are you gonna eat?? And my sister said "HA, you won't last a day!"
Well, that was yesterday. I haven't eaten anything ;D
Haha, speaking of Kylie, when Wesley and I were on the phone and went to hang up, he said his usual I love you.And Kylie, the smartass she is, starting laughing, shouting HAHA! YOU SAID YOU LOVED HER! ((phone was on speaker))
And I said I love you too!
And Kylie laughed....
She scares me =_=
Lol it's funny how I ramble on and on to you, Journal, and those secret readers, since there's really no one reading this...
OMG! Kevin is over Deanna's! I wanna go D:
I cannot wait for Hershey Park in May!!!
This concludes our broadcast.