From a truly young age, I was left to be put in the care of other families because my own could not handle two young kids, even though my brother only a year older was still there with them. I was 4 years old, so my life had been quite difficult growing up.

All these years having past, I have been alone with seeing people get simple gestures of a pat on the back and conversation. Somehow through all this I still got through it all being at least okay, and never being suicidal.

I am such an open minded person, though on religion, not so much.
Something happened to me, in the summer just before 5th grade were to start.
These ideas of when you died, you could come back, but in some other way as a person. You would be different, but could have some similar characteristics from what you had before. Yet that was not because that was what you had before, it was just on chance.

So when 5th grade started, I was telling these ideas to my teacher one day. Then I asked being I felt there was somehow a name for these ideas, when I had came up with these thoughts by myself.

She said, "You mean reincarnation?"
I was confused and asked, "What does that mean?"
She answered, "Some of what you said, that is the term of the ideas it is called by."

In my mind at that point I was thinking, someone else thought of these ideas before me? How is that?

Want to say now, I never heard of any of those ideas before, and never knew of it.
I am even White/Caucasian, and was born in the united states to a not secure family. Though I have to say, I was never into the Church idea, because I did not have to deal with that so much in my life. Never dealt with my pain through God(s)

I had to deal with it alone by myself.. which made life be very hard on me. Recently I have been hurting so much more, than even before.

When I saw what you put on your profile, I really do understand your words, so I do truly understand you..

So I am hoping we could talk sometime.