Omg Diary you will never guess what happened to me yesterday (oh? and what that .-. ?) I ran into- (But first.... *runs towards you, arms open, big smile on face* YOURE BACK!!!!! blaugh blaugh ) eek *steps to the side, watchs you all on your face, laughs* (hey!!! that wasnt very nice gonk ! now i got a big bump on my head... *rubs forehead*) OH! LOOK AT THAAAAT! rolleyes (what...?) before you charged at me like a wild animal, i was going to tell you that i ran or skated into a metal poll on a gate. (....ah-hahahahaha!!! rofl ) hey hey hey! its not funny! it really hurts emo .... (how'd THAT happen?) well i was rollar blading down a sidewalk near the elementery school when i notice that the gate leading into the school park was closed. As cool as i am cool , i reatched out my arm and pushed the gate open but.... it only opened about 60 degrees before it stopped and i SLAMMED wahmbulance the side of my left eye bone and my SCM muscle {its a veeeeery long word for your jaw muscle so i didnt spell it out} and did i mention that i was rolling on my skates when it happened? So any of you 2 bit picks say *obnoctous voice* dramallama 'wellll couldnt you like umm, stopped?' *normal voice* NO I COULDNT!!! scream (.... you DO realize youre talking to yourself right...?) . . . yep! lol Lonly is the path of the hero, or is it the insane confused ... oh well xd