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here is some ez, obvious, and fun questions~ ^^
answer all of dem and den PM me to c ur results!!
have Fun! ^o^ smilies/icon_biggrin.gif
you may ask ur family and friends for help~ its fun!! ^^
if you cannot answer a question den jus leave it blank or i unt kno ^^ and ill show da answer~
there may be more than one answer in some of the questions but u must get the RIGHT answer. You can put more answers jus in case u get it wrong.
PRIZE: 3K if you get at least 8 rite

1. You don't want it to go waste but it goes anyway. What is it?

2. If it drinks water, it dies. If it breathes air, it lives. What is it?

3. It has eyes, mouth, and ears but no head. What is it?

4. If you break it it's no more use. If you don't break it u cant use it. What is it?

5. It's a teacher that teaches you but does not speak. What is it?

6. What same numbers that equals the same answer in addition and multiplecation?

7. If you don't wear it, it doesn't go. If you wear it, it goes. What is it?

8. What do you call finger fighting?

9. It copies ANYTHING you do. What is it?

10. It shakes the tree's leaves without hands. What is it?

OK!! u done~ so PM me and get ur result! smilies/icon_4laugh.gif
ill post more laters ok~

tell me if it was

smilies/icon_4laugh.gif -fun
smilies/icon_rofl.gif -funny
smilies/icon_wink.gif -it was awsome
smilies/icon_scream.gif -what da hell!
smilies/icon_mrgreen.gif -lol
smilies/icon_stressed.gif -it sux
smilies/icon_ninja.gif -...
smilies/icon_talk2hand.gif -do something better...
smilies/icon_xp.gif -do more do more!!