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In My World......
this is juct stuff about me and what i do.
Bioshock 2 rant
...I just feel like ranting. So if you'll excuse me...

Okay, so last weekend my mother bought Bioshock 2 as a surprise gift for us. My little brothers where happy, but I was a little bit... Well, not as excited.
Blame a few previews and a review curtsy of Gameinformer (what can I say? Gameinformer is to me as The Source is to 6. I'm obsessed.)For example: the fact that Irrational games (the amazing company behind the first one) Isn't working on the second one, I almost raged.
Well, when I played the game for my self, that nagging felling in the back of my head was right. It didn't live up to the standards I was hoping for. I'm not saying that the game isn't good... Just wasn't as good as the first one. The first game had me stuck in a courner on a table surrounded by water waiting for Splicers to come. THis game made me just want to go in head on. Then again You ARE a Big Daddy...
Although the Big Sisters where cool, if there was only one of them as I had hoped.
Eh, Oh well, another game to get me through the week.

...Okay end rant...


In other news... My 9 rp is open!
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