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New Buff Icon Rants
Haven't made a new entry in a while Anyway, here is a rant about the new buff icons in Fiesta Online. Although it's probably not a big deal and doesn't change the gameplay dramatically, some of us, mainly the clerics, are speaking their voice about the new icons.

Now the old buff icons used to look like the dazzling, well-shaded skill icons. It's easy to know which is which because they look exactly like the skills themselves. Protect icon looks like Protect and Endure icon looks like Endure. Sure the Antitoxin t2s, etc. and idle state icons look the same but it wasn't a big deal since we can tell whether anti or idle stays longer than 10-ish seconds or not. Plus it fits the Fiesta graphics and theme.

The new buff icons. No offense, but they look unappealing and inconvenient. They look like it's been done by a kid and it doesn't look very Fiesta-ish. I have nothing against 8-bits just so you know. What each icon depicts doesn't make much sense to me, especially the clerics' Endure buff. I don't even know what the heck it's suppose to show. Looks like a big M on steroids next to it's "normal," letter?. Some of the buff icons used by clerics and icons used to indicate the use of buff scrolls are shared, which makes things more confusing and annoying. I have to hover over my icons to figure out what they are. D<

'Kay I'm done. smilies/icon_razz.gif