User ImageName: Yuukki Gaita
Species: Shinigami
Rank: Unseated
Age: 154 (Appears 13)

Hair: Black, (Pink when she releases her Zanpakto)
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 103lb.
Tattoos: None
{Skill Breakdown}

Physical Stamina: 20/100
Offense: 40/100
Defense: 20/100
Agility: 35/100
Kidou: 50/100
Intellect: 40/100
Total: 205/600

-Skill Level: Novice-

-Skill Level: Novice-

-Skill Level: None-

-Skill Level: Adept-

-Skill Level: Adept-


Name: Benuime
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[Sealed State]
Name: Benuime
:Appearance: Benuime is the length and shape of an average Katana, however the blade has a pink etching carved in next to the hilt.

Yuuki doesnt fight with Benuime in his sealed form.

Name: Benuime
Command: Hana
Abilities: Plant/Poison
:Appearance: Benuime is a long thin rapier with a gold hilt, and a bud growing over the crossguard. Yuuki's robes change into a flowery pink Kimono. Her hair grows longer and turns pink as well.
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When Benuime is released he starts off with a bud for the crossguard of the blade. It takes him several minutes to fully bloom into a flower. However when the bud opens up and reaches full bloom he releases a cloud of pollen. The spores in the pollen stick to everything, and once it lands its stuck. The spores start to grow vines immediately and seek to tie themselves down. When growing from the ground they seek out movement to entangle it. When growing from someones body the vines grow around then body and constrict it.The vines are strong but not unbreakable, however no matter how much the vines are broken the pollen stays until Yuuki releases it. Benuime is also a blood drinker. When he cuts an enemy and draws blood he drinks a bit of the blood and this speeds up his bosom.
Yuuki is a member in the same squad as Val and thinks of herself as his little sister. She is unseated, but only because of her lack of control over Kidou, and her unwieldy Zanpakto; which sometimes refuses to come out when called. In those cases Yuuki usually cowers and hides avoiding combat. But for the power of her Shikai she has been put directly under Val's tutelage and the two are seldom seen apart.