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Will I Actually Get My Transfer?
Today I was told by my boss, that she got my transfer to another team approved by the General manager of the company. I work for a small company. However, I have to wonder if I will actually get that transfer within a couple of months like I want.

I am told everyday and every night how business critical my system is. As such I am the only person in my position who has held my job for as long as I have. I have a very deep knowledge of the system. Which leads me to believe that I will not be able to get away from the system. Well as far away as I would like. I have no problem helping out. However, I fear that I will still be asked to perform all sorts of emergency tasks. Or even worse I will keep getting business critical projects thrown my way.

It would not be the first time trivial crap was thrown at me in the name of business critical stuff. I mean hell a critical system upgrade was held off for... lets see 7 months because we could not stop doing business to let me test the upgrade. What I do know is that my company knows how to throw scraps to its employees. I fear that I will only get scraps... I hope I am only being paranoid