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Gender: Male
Age: 24
Location background: born in Queens, NY but currently resides on Long Island.
Occupation: Cook
Personality: Generally kind hearted and happy, pretty laid back and peaceful. Loves to listen to music and cook. Is a big fan of electro, pop, and hip-hop music: and loves to cook Italian food.
Dislikes: Tries not to dislike anything, but is disturbed by certain types of people who seem to cause drama and just don't act maturely.
Appearance: He has a half-body koi tattoo on his right side, a tattoo that says "freedom" on his left arm, septum piercing, left n****e ring, and stretched ears(2x in each ear). Most often wears his purple contacts.
Extra: Giò's natural eyes are hazel(greenish/brownish) and on the bottom on his right eye there is a spot of blue in a triangular shape. ref. Loves Manhattan and is very cultural. Also loves the stars and astronomy and nature.

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All can be worn with or without the shutter shades. ;D
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