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My Youtube History
I joined Youtube in 2005 where I have been working as a Youtube Beat Reportage Administrator ever since.

I'll start by introducing myself. To those who recognize me, knew and know me as "Justice himself" A.K.A Near116, "The Awesome Professional Gamer ItachiUchiha090987" or "2 Pro Prince PWN1N". To those of you that don't, I used to be registered under those usernames. Near116 being my Undercover Deduction Account, ItachiUchiha090987 being my main and PWN1N being the channel I used to display Super Smash Brothers videos. I eventually became too popular and Youtube suspended my channels due to the jealousy and fallacious reports sent in to the Youtube Team by haters without reason. Only because of the sole fact that they couldn't stand to see me succeed. To make a long story short, I befriended you hoping you would be kind enough to aid me in my Redemption by Adding me as a Friend and Subscribing. For more information concerning my suspension, Private Message me. Once I sue Youtube for my accounts and all of it's contents back and win, I will notify all of my added friends and subscribers, have them add and subscribe to this account (If you couldn't tell by now, I want to make this my main channel xD) so I can delete the two that were illegally taken from me MYSELF.

I had over 2 million video views, 1,000 friends, over 200,000 channel views, and over 30,000 comments all in less than a year from strictly gaming, piano videos, AMV making and being a combo exhibitionist. I had 2,000+ subscribers and was very close to becoming a Partner. So of course with all that fame and reputation, came people who couldn't stand to see me happy each and every day. My Inbox was packed with about 300 hateful private messages each week. Everyone was extremely upset since all of my comments were removed from the site. The saddest thing about all of this is that I did nothing wrong. Then a group of trolls banned together, sent in false reports, and got me suspended. The leader then wrote on her channel "Got that ******** tard suspended hahaha! I lied to Youtube". Then she got suspended and just made a new account. Immaturity.

I have a right to sue Youtube and I will if they don't revise this because they flagged EACH and every one of my videos with Terms of Service violation when I had videos of songs I wrote on the Piano removed as well as CLEAN commentaries so that proves a computer did it. My mom is a lawyer so I can make it happen if they don't listen to me. Once in a life time video occurrences were deleted and all of my hard worked and unsaved combo videos were removed.. because the community is corrupt. Youtube only cares about their famous users who PAY them. Any lowlife liar, can sit at a computer all day,send in false reports and Youtube will just ban a Mockingbird for the sake of money. They didn't even investigate. Google is one of my mother's clients so I have this lawsuit in the bag if I have to resort to suing

Time is an essence...Don't waste mine...

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Tue Dec 29, 2009 @ 05:38pm
That is just....well you know. And you do have a right.

commentCommented on: Wed Dec 30, 2009 @ 11:14am

I have a new channel now so I can live with that.

They'll pay though.

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