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Artists and their art
So.. i've opened my shop again for like.. a week or two. And I've already gotten bored smilies/icon_confused.gif

so i've been browsing other art shops XD and requests.. but i'm usually too cheap to buy art over 10k DX unless if i really really like it or if the slots are empty. which they usually never are. But anyways, i've noticed there are a lot of noobs trying to sell digital camera art. Or stealing other people's art as a sample.. so they have one omgamazingwtf art and one stickfigure sample. It's like, srsly?! but ppl fall for it and order -__-x
There are plenty of good artists though.

Anyways, I don't think art fits my personality well. Anything to do with art, really, is subjective. Some people like it, some people go for a different style. Kinda like writing. And there are always people who flame, people who are more talented than you, people that are rude...

Anyways, the point is that if i get bored of art on gaia, there is absolutely no way I'd think of even making it my minor in college. I think I will stick with biochemistry. At least it is not subjective, and is much, much more in demand.

I better get a 4.0 next term tho.. or Ima be very, very pissed. 3.9 fall term.. wtf -__-x