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Oh, the drama
Life of a Suzugami is filled with nothing but needless drama. There has to be a place to dump it all. Do not read this journal if you dislike drama, whining, ranting, random vile remarks and unexplained hatred towards snotty brats.
Friend requests
I am getting them. The most pressing question in my mind is why? Why on earth would anyone want to? smilies/icon_stare.gif I've left most of the requests pending, just to see how many of them pile up. Complete strangers most of them, at least to my knowledge. Today I discovered I've had people try to add me this year. This baffles me. I haven't even been around...! smilies/icon_eek.gif smilies/icon_xp.gif If any of you random friendlist hoarders would like to offer me an explanation, please do. Is it more a case of "oh, he's so cool, I want to be his friend!" or "he hasn't been around a lot, so he probably doesn't use much of the stuff he has in his inventory, so maybe this is a chance to get stuff" (in the latter case, save your energy... I'm taking this stuff to the grave, honey. You want a piece of me, you have to pay for it. smilies/icon_twisted.gif )?

If it's a case of the former, please do tell, and give details.

And seasonal greetings. smilies/icon_stare.gif

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