Okay, so I was in the car with my mom and she wanted me to call my dad and tell him to pick dinner up from the store. So I did. While it was ringing, I thought it would be funny to play a little prank on him. It's really not that funny, but to me it was like, the funniest thing I've ever done to him.


Natsuko: *calls my dad*

Phone: *ringing*

Dad: Hello?

Natsuko: *deep voice* Hello, this is the police. We're calling about a missing... roast... beef?

Dad: I think you have the wrong number. *hangs up*

Natsuko: Hello? Dad?

Mom: *is laughing her a$$ off*

Natsuko: *calls Dad*

Dad: Hello?

Natsuko: Sir, if you hang up on me again, you'll be placed under arrest!

Dad: Is this Mara? (Mara = My sister)

Natsuko and her mom: *laughing their a$ses off*

Dad: Ugh...


And that's pretty much what happened.