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Fly away with the whirlwind~!
Memories 1
There will be more added here all the times I get them.

Yusuke can really spill out tha profanities! We were gettin' harassed... and well... he kinda bites back.

We were Pyramaid Heads invadin' towns! Yikes... this was before tha new items came out.

Playin' zOMG in skirts, screencap an' text by ToushinYusuke... er... I don' remember who's idea it was ta do it in skirts.

Sexy party. Another screencap by ToushinYusuke.

DO NOT WANT! This weirdo chased me around fer a HALF HOUR D8

Slutfest 2009... erm.... it was about LOOKIN' tha part, not sa much actin' it; it was more like a sleep over if ya ask me.

an' it carried out a bit too. This was tha next day.

Yazoo fell asleep at our Slutfest (on their keyboard in real life) so we piled on Yaz's avatar. Woke up about 6 hours later an' Jin3 an' me were still there.

XB<3 Okay, I gotta admit... I got a weakness fer a good Kefka cosplay.

Watchin' Yazoo's emergency stash of porn "Kefka x Sephiroth"

A night of elegance... strange we can manage that.

Yaz didn' seem ta approve of this look on me ;c

Our bunny slippers got married? (I don' get it either) o.o;

Playing games at m'house. Little 'get ta know yerbuddies better' game involving topics and sharing stories.

Unclean showers, last two shots taken by Yusuke. Looks like Yaz actually wanted ta get in on tha action.

Attention! Had three people chantin', only got two in tha screencap o.x

More sexy party? Around easter this time :3

Peep gatherin' in towns.

Weird stuff with Skittles World...

I dunno who this girl was, she just stood there and started doing that arch thinger o~o;;

I out lapdanced Lunar to the Chicken Yodel =D

apparently I pimped out Sabin too!

we messed with the dance icon in the corner :B


You need a bun to bite?

Red butterfly! D: Yusuke took that screencap ta remind me of a nightmare of mine.

I wonder why? ;D

noticed odd people in Virtual Hollywood, so I tried to blend in =3=

Pretty Jins

Kefka dressed as an uke-b***h

Sabin an' I joined in too!

we like blue! Empy prolly likes it more than me though XD

D: uh...

...life sucks.

>:C Unf.

we are so adventurous! 8U

we were lookin' fer milk

Listen closely young grasshopper

at tha pool! Is it sad we were usin' tha squirt guns fer hours?

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