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winter break
woot! first quarter of college is done!

here are my grades:

english: A- or A
calculus: A
chem: A+
chem lab: A
biochem: pass (pass/fail class)

i'm really nervous for english smilies/icon_crying.gif but nothing i can do about it now...

and as for chem lab, i was 1.5 pts away from an A+ -____- but this one girl who was my first lab partner messed up her part of the lab. 9/12 on that lab. i felt like pouring the HCl on her. -__-

my friend's lab partner was brilliant enough to get her paper chromatography sucked up the fume hood. smilies/icon_neutral.gif

eeh.. but anyways, i heard next quarter a lot of ppl are dropping from learning communities. btw, those are like groups of ppl with same classes and a workshop class together. My lab partner partied too hard and failed calc D: i hope he stays... he was fairly good at chem

i might have to find myself a new lab partner smilies/icon_crying.gif

oh and david visited me at school. he hated it. LOL. i hate it too smilies/icon_crying.gif

and i have this KILLER TOOTHACHE that resulted from wisdom teeth DD:< wtfff now i can't even eat food properly -__-

but yeah... i am really bored at home. drugged up on tylenol and antibiotics. wondering if i should reopen my art shop. Ima put up my christmas tree tomorrow.

ok.. it's 3 AM. better go sleep now.