RAWR!! Nehh I'm turning into a DBZ fenatic whee lol I've been watching the 1st season of DBZ and wow it's Cool! Although it IS different than what I'm used to but it Still kicks major a** xd now don't laugh cuz I already feel stupid as it stands -.- lol I found out there's a DBZ manga serise! When I found that out, I started to go Crazy for them!! I already have volumes #1, 2, and 3 but they leave off when Goku starts to fight Vegeta waaaaaaaah emo haha I've already made a winter list of what I want and heh, not only does my list have DBZ stuff written on it but it's basicly The list! lol Nothing But DBZ stuff on it rofl lol I hope this doesn't turn into an obsesion sweatdrop Well in my personal life everythings been going great. I went to NYC for my 16th b-day and if you ask me....... that's WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than getting a damn car lol stare *looks down at my knee* my Knee's healing up quite nicely. I'm happy for that blaugh I was sick last week with a 102 F fever and I Still have a terrible cough and an annoying stuffy nose too ugh... hmmmm nothin else now- Oh! 1 more thing I would like to add... I found a guy who likes Buu as much as I do so You're Freakin Awsome Dude!! blaugh