Okay, this story cracks me up every time. So, my mom was taking me to school one day and this squirrel just like, falls out of a tree or something and lands on our windshield. Actually, it bounced off our car cuz it was moving. But it was funny. I screamed, then I started laughing for like, five minutes because whenever something scary or surprising happens, I start laughing and it takes a while for me to stop.


Natsuko: Lol, wouldn't it be funny if a squirrel just like, fell out of a tree or something and hit our car?

Mom: No, not really.

*something falls on our windshield*


Mom: *jerks the car*

Natsuko: Haha *inhale* HAHA *inhale* AHAHAHA *inhale*


It didn't really go like that, but I think that I got the laugh down. If you do the laugh out loud you'll know what I mean. So, that's definitely something I'll never forget.