Okay, so, 'bout a year or two ago, it was winter and I was walking home at the end of the day with these two kids who live in my neighborhood. Their names were Gabe and Dana. There was this kid named Nick who lived at the place where our bus stopped. So one day, I wondered... what does he do while we walk home?


Natsuko: Hey...

Gabe & Dana: *they stop and turn around*

Natsuko: What do you think Nick does while we walk home?

Gabe & Dana: *shrugs*

Gabe: I dunno. What do you think?

Natsuko: Hmm... *thinks* uhm... *thinks harder* gahh... *thinks so hard her brain explodes*


lol, no, kidding.


Natsuko: Hmm... *thinks* maybe... he watches us while we walk home.

All Three: *turn around and look back at Nick's house*

Tree: *shakes*

Natsuko: OH EM GEE

*all three run home*


I... couldn't resist. This was just such a funny story. I love it sososo much. *puts hands up* So sue me. px

BTW This Story Is 1000% True.