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GoreGirl's Journal
Halloween is on it's way!^_^

Wulfy- smilies/icon_scream.gif Why do you keep on saying "OMG"!?

Sakura-BECAUSE HALLOWEEN IS ALMOST HERE!!!!!! smilies/icon_mrgreen.gif

Wulfy- O that is awesome!!! smilies/icon_blaugh.gif smilies/icon_heart.gif So what are you still going with you original idea this year?

Sakura-Don't know yet...lol

Wulfy-Hmmm well instead of the fox....I say you be a sexy kitty kat!^_^

Sakura- YEAH!^_^ smilies/icon_mrgreen.gif Thanks Wulfy thats a good idea! Are you sticking ith your original plans?

Wulfy- No Ive changed my costumes lol I'm debating between a ghost, Freddy, or evil killer clown...lol

Sakura-Wow..lol can I see what each of them look like?

Wulfy-Sure! And while im doing that you can throw together your sexy cat costume!^_^

Sakura- OK!

Wulfy-Well here's Freddy!^_^

Sakura-Ok cool looks almost just like him!^_^

Wulfy- Heres the Ghost

Sakura- Cute and kinda creepy! I like it!

Wulfy- AAANNNDDD finally the killer clown!

Sakura-O_O Ok yeah that's just scary!

Wulfy-So lets see your cat costume!^_^

Sakura- :opps:

Wulfy- WOWY!!! SEXY!!!

Sakura- : opps: I'm not that good looking! lol

Wulfy- Bull crap! You look beautiful!^_^


Wulfy- smilies/icon_rolleyes.gif Sooooo which one do you think I should be?

Sakura-Hmmmm.....I DONT'T KNOW!!!!!! smilies/icon_gonk.gif I love all of them! smilies/icon_crying.gif

Wulfy- Ok...uummm how about iny mini miny moe!!!^_^



Sakura- Nothin....

Wulfy- *shrugs and starts singing iny mini miny moe while pointing to each of the avatars*

Sakura- *starts tapping her foot impatiently*

Wulfy-...and you are....IT!!!! WHOO it landed on the creepy killer clown!!!^_^

Sakura-Awesome! smilies/icon_mrgreen.gif Hey Wulfy are we doing a special skit for Halloween?

Wulfy-Yep!^_^ On Halloween the skit will have avatars included!^_^

Sakura-Kool...so what type of skit are we doing exactly?

Wulfy-Welllll....Im not sure yet...I wanted to do a documentary on the holyday but I fear that will get to boring....

Sakura-Uhhh..Wulfy why did you say "holyday"?

Wulfy-Because to me Halloween is Christmas!^_^

Sakura-....Still don't get it....

Wulfy- *sigh* It's a religion thing...lol

Sakura-O...lol Ok. So plan A was a documetary....What's plan B?

Wulfy-I thought about taking some of Halloween's well known icons(trick or treating,Jack-O-lanterns,cosumtes...etc.) And explaining where they originate from but once again to boring for this lovely holyday!

Sakura- -_-' Ok...plan C?

Wulfy-A story skit basically.

Sakura-OOOO!!!! What kind of "story skit"?

Wulfy-I'm not saying cause I dont wanna spoil it for other peoples but i'll tell you after we're done here.

Sakura-Yah!!^_^ Hey hve you seen Tsuki around?

Wulfy- Come to think of it...no I haven't...wonder how her and Hiro are getting along...

Sakura-I don't know cause ever since they left that day I haven't seen or heard from them...

Wulfy-Hmmm...I wouldn't be surprised if Tsuki took him away somewhere and turned him...

Sakura-Maybe...Hey Tsuki I have a question.

Wulfy- Ask away.

Sakura-Your a wolf right? So why didn't you just dress up as a werewolf for Halloween?

Wulfy- smilies/icon_rofl.gif smilies/icon_4laugh.gif smilies/icon_blaugh.gif Do you wanna know how MANY times ive been a werewolf?

Sakura- smilies/icon_rofl.gif ALOT!! lol

Wulfy-Yeah A WHOLE LOT!!!! lol

Sakura-Hey who's side are you on? B.O.O or S.I.N.?

Wulfy-B.O.O You? And why?

Sakura- Just curious, S.I.N

Wulfy-Your very random tonight...lol

Sakura- Yeeaahhh...hey I got to go get ready for Halloween talk to you later! BYE! *Sakura runs off*

Wulfy-Hmmm...wonder hat that was about...o well better get to work on my costume!^_^ Bye every one!^_^

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