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Pearly Laughter.....
I woke up in his arms
the comfort I felt for
a moment. He was my
angel I rarely saw; he
would kiss; hug; hold me
tight till I broke down
crying of missing him.
I open my eyes to know
he'll soon disappear again
so I could tackle my stressful
work, I huntedl he saved people


I cried so many times he laughed of
my silliness. I knew when I went to
sleep; he'll appear in my window
again wanted to kiss away the pain.
I almost killed this man I love; at
first I thought his soul was pure evil;
but my eyes opened to pure love and goodness.
Right now I still feel taht touch; and hear
that pearly laughter. My mind stray's from
my enemy. I realise now why his arms are
around me. It wasn't like everynight; I was
bleeding; my angel was crying.
I laugh for him being so silly he looks at me
blankly; and slowly realizing the move.
He wipes away those pearly gales; and holds me
tight telling me of all his pain; I listen like
he did; but suddenly his voice grows faint....

till it's no longer a whisper.
I still see him; he crys more; but he doesn't
hesitate. He continues to tell me all his hurt.
He kisses me softly, and cuddles me tight.
I close my eyes and finally fade.

I see the beautiful light, I run to him
to tell him of my adventure of life.
Crying he laughs for my silliness
for holding onto the past. smilies/icon_xp.gif smilies/icon_scream.gif