I grew up entertaining at small parties. its great being there on stage. its like home for me. I'm very comfortable being in the spotlight.

I remeber after my big performance of "beat it" by Michael Jackson at my jr high talent show. that was the moment when I went from a nobody to somebody. its a great feeling when people ask u to sign things, tell u what they thought, ask for hugs. u feel like a celebrity. I dont wanna be arragant cause I am a normal person with talent.

when ur up on stage, ur in control. the sound of the crowd cheering makes u stronger, give u energy.

I like to make magic. when I say magic I mean, great moment that stick forever. I talk to the crowd, make them feel like theyre part of the show. I just love it when the crowd is singing along, dancing, everything u do surprises them. you feel like ur all one. u feel their joy. becoming one with the crowd. epic.

its hard to put into word...