I have a friend who has the power to actually ruin your hopes in dreams. He calls it
"Fight The Power" and what it does is he makes a story. In that story whoever is in it ends up getting magically hurt. I don't even know how he just makes a story. I will give you one of his stories.

Two warriors went in search of Goku from Dragonball Z and they went to planet to planet. The first planet was dream land where Kirby lives. The warriors were taken by surprised as they saw a pink ball with legs. Lazarus: Darryl what the ******** their a giant pink nut walking towards us. Darryl: What are you talking about he looks more like a giant pink rat. Kirby stops walking as he can hear the warriors and gets pissed off. So Kirby found the nears weapon to suck up. Lazarus: is he gay or something just their sucking things up. Darryl: I don't know he kind to seem pissed I can't really tell. As the warriors were talking Kirby turned into fighter Kirby and punches the warrior Darryl in the balls. Lazarus: Hahaha sucks to be you.....uh what the hell is he doing now. At that time Kirby turned into sword Kirby and stabs Lazarus. Lazarus: Oh hell no you pink nut sac now your going to die. Lazarus fought Kirby all over the place. As they were fighting the warrior Darryl just recovered. So Darryl threw a Giant sword at Kirby. Darryl: Lazarus look out. Lazarus dodges the sword and watches as it was stabed into Kirby. Kirby fell to the ground just laying there in pain. Lazarus then puts a giant glass pitcher over Kirby. The wounds on Kirby was serious and he was losing blood. Because of the glass his blood was filling it up . Kirby was dead drowning in his own blood. The two warriors pushed the glass off of The dead Kirby. When they were about to leave Kirby's body started glow. TO BE CONTINUED

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This story came from one of the lost stories me and my friend.